#009- Nader: How DeSo will compete with Facebook

Nader’s strategy announcement had DESO’s price jump 187%. CoinMarketCap chart.

Diamondhands is Nader Al-Naji

The creator of Bitclout and the DesO blockchain finally revealed his identity six months after the platform’s launch began in March. His name is Nader Al-Naji. He is a 29-year-old Princeton graduate who worked for Google as a software engineerfor a few years before launching his own project: the creation of a stable cryptocurrency called Basis which aimed to replace central banks. Despite the support of big investors and a fundraising of 133 million dollars, he had to abandon this project, which faced too many obstacles.

Bitclout.com becomes one node among others

During an interview on Zoom, @nader explained that Bitclout is a demo app for testing the validity of a social network on blockchain. After six months of successful testing, Bitclout.com will become one node among many others on a blockchain now called DeSo (short for Decentralized Social), and will change its name soon.

$ 200 million to boost DeSo’s development

Nader has promised to explain in a few days how the DeSo foundation of which he is president will use part of its funds amounting to 200 million dollars to help financially the developers, the creators of NFTs and the small creators.

A new verification system

Nader said a new verification system will be put in place.

The integration of DeSo on other NTFs platforms

Nader mentioned that he was in contact with several NFT platform managers, including Opensea, and that the question was not whether an integration of DeSo on these platforms was going to happen, but when.

Listing $DESO on Coinbase

Nader claimed that DESO has passed all regulatory checks and is in compliance with Coinbase.
Its listing is therefore only a matter of time. Nader hinted that the listing now depends on the technical side of the integration.

The possible splitting of the $DESO

Nader raised the possibility of a $DESO split. What does that mean?

Can DeSo compete with Facebook?

In interviews with mainstream media like CNBC News Channel, Nader said DeSo was meant to compete with social media giants like Facebook.

Young woman has $ 5,800 stolen in an exchange scam

Two days ago a young woman named Emina (@eminabec) was robbed of $ 5,800 by another member who offered to buy her $DESO.

A solidarity initiative was set up to raise funds for the victim through the sale of a series of NFTs.

The Hectic Life of Mr. Deso

Lord Nader maskless. NFT available on @MrDeso.



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