#012 — Who are the “Reps” and what are they for ?

Nader has not yet made a statement regarding this election and therefore these roles will only be confirmed if the representatives are officially recognized.

What are the roles and responsibilities of elected representants ?

How to follow the work of the “Reps” and give our opinion ?

You can follow the Reps on Discord and post your feedback.

Portraits of the 7 representatives

Brootle, developer and “King of DeSo”.
Eminabec, specialist in communication strategies.
Kanshi, developer, doctor of engineering, based in Poland.
Kerstineymers, coach in marketing and leadership.
Matreshka, NFT artist.
Randhir, Analytics Consultant in India.
Sandirose, Forensic Accountant specializing in business operations and financial advisory services.


The adventures of Mr. Deso are available in NFT on @PhilippeMeunier

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