#007 — NFTs: True Artists and Deceivers


Photos from Polygram: excellent site to search for Bitclout NFTs.


“ My name is Andrew Wong, aka 10past9. I am originally from Hong Kong , and moved to New York about 5 years ago.


“I am Raedel From the Philippines.


“ My name is Aaron. I am 20.
Location: Italy
Profession: Student
I started drawing from 5
My NFT style is always to diversify each draw.
Child Of The Dice is my first NFT project. ”


“ My name is Mourkus Gawergy, but I go by Mark. I’m from LA.


“ My name is Hanne. I am 35 years and I live in Oslo, Norway.


“ My name is Fazli Kesgin. I am a professional artist in Turkey.


“ Fazli Kesgin, alias @fazliKesgin, launched a cool NFT project: He draws portraits Clouters, in the form of collectible cards, and turn them into NFTs.
He mints a series of 10 editions for each, and the minimum bit is about $10.


“ My name is Graeme Haunholter.


“ I’m KingShark from the Philippines.


“ My name is Meredith Marsone and I live in a little beachside town in New Zealand.


“ My name is Michael Liversage. I am currently living in Florida.


“ My name is Irina, because my last name is on M in bitclout, everyone knows me as Mirina.


“ My name is Philippe Meunier. I am an artist in Tahiti, French Polynesia.


@TheAdityaSingh recently shared this quote from Leon Tolstoy: « Be bad, but at least don’t be a liar, a deceiver! » I think it fits perfectly to introduce the subject of the creators of NFTs who deceive by copying and pasting works taken from the web.


@ShickCoin doesn’t even bother to make any changes or adaptations. He copies the works of talented artists and publishes them as is, claiming to be the author.



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