Seven community representatives were elected on October 28 by the DeSo community for a period of 3 months.

Who are they and what are they for ? We interviewed them for you.

Nader has not yet made a statement regarding this election and therefore these roles will only be confirmed if the representatives are officially recognized.

Their names in alphabetical order are:

@Brootle, @Eminabec, @Kanshi, @Kerstineymers, @Matreshka, @Randhir et @Sandirose.

Who are the “Reps”…

Fake accounts, fake artists, copy and paste of works downloaded from the web, the same NFTs sold on several different platforms, supposedly unique editions “minted” several times: we really need ethical rules. This activity is brand new, not only on Bitclout but also on other platforms so the legal framework…

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