What solutions to roll upward?

A good recovery in the second week of July followed by a dizzying relapse. Graph by @BitCloutPulse


We saw a good recovery around July 7 with a purchase volume of $ 16 million, which almost corresponds to the score of the second day of opening of the platform, March 19. This recovery is due to the massive purchase campaign of the major figures of the platform. Notably @MarioNawfal’s “Million Dollar Week” campaign which planned to buy a million dollars worth of designer accounts per week. After six days, he declared that it was Mission Impossible, not for lack of money but for lack of logistics, and that his team had only managed to buy for $ 150,000 for this first installment. He reassured the clouters by saying: “The good news is that it is not over! We will continue to invest as fast as @Goattrade can move his mouse! We still have around $ 850,000 to invest and well more later. “

The leitmotiv on Bitclout is “Engage more!”, That is to say, like more, comment more, reclout more, buy more… but we have seen that it is the tap of $ clout which is the most decisive element in boosting sales.

We have therefore seen that mass buying campaign is a strategy that works. The recovery was real and very promising during the second week of July, then dizzying relapse at its lowest. What happened? Has the buying campaign been interrupted? We would like to have answers.


The fall in buying / selling of creator coins has caused discouragement among clouters and a steady drop in the number of active accounts. On April 7 there were 37,000 active, on May 22 29,000, on June 24, 16,000, on July 1, 13,000 and today, on July 22, there are only 4,000 active accounts left.

Do we have reasons to stay positive? Most whales say yes: “On the surface, it is definitely calm before the storm. Below the surface, the BitClout dev team, community projects, creators, and influencers are on a constant non-stop grind. Each day, more fuel is being prepared for the fire. Who is hyped so see this fire ignite?“, posted @flickapp.

The number of daily active users decreased from 37,000 in April to 4,000 on July 22. Graph: @SignalClout


For his part, the admin of the platform @diamondhands swears that it is the NFTs that will really boost the volume of transactions. As soon as this functionality will be operational, within a few days, that is to say that the clouters will be able to transform their works into NFTs and put them for sale on the platform.

What are NFTs? To put it simply, an NFT (Non Fungible Token) is like a single snapshot of any digital object: a drawing, music, text, or whatever. It’s like a certificate of authenticity. This certificate of authenticity which can be purchased from the creator of the NFT does not give the right to royalties on the work. The object of the game is to buy the NFT and sell it at a profit.

Digital artist Beeple created an NFT from a collage of 5,000 of his works that sold for over $ 69 million.

The value of NFTs depends on the notoriety of their creator. On March 11, acclaimed digital artist Beeple sold an NFT at a Christie’s online auction for $ 69.3 million.


We are passionate about Bitclout and we wonder why our friends don’t join. The reason is simple - mathematical. Only 6% of Americans and Europeans owned crypto-currencies in 2020. And they mainly bought the most well-known cryptos like BTC and ETH. Bitclout is still far too new.
Source: Statista

Only 6% of Americans own cryptocurrencies. Source: Statista.



We hope you liked thos second issue of @CloutZine.
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DeSo News - en

DeSo magazine by Philippe Meunier. Also in French 🇫🇷: https://desonews-fr.medium.com/, and in Portuguese 🇵🇹🇧🇷: https://desonews-pt.medium.com/

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